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Lining up Revelation with Reality

Revelation speaks of two mystery contingents that are subject to God’s final judgment of the earth: the scarlet Beast and the Harlot. One of the possibilities for understanding these mysteries is to associate the “harlot” with the immoral, materialistic cultures of the west and to associate the “scarlet beast” with the worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Revelation 17:3 speaks of the harlot sitting on a scarlet beast.

Here are some related observations:

If you look at a map, Europe (named from Europa of Greek mythology) sits atop and “rides” the Muslim world, geographically speaking. In Greek mythology, Europa is represented as a woman sitting atop a beast, just like in Revelation 17:3. The woman in Revelation is called “Mystery Babylon”. The imagery describing her destruction in Revelation 18 comes in part from Ezekiel 27, which describes the ancient city of Tyre. In Greek mythology, the woman Europa came from the city of Tyre. The EU has an interesting building that it uses for its parliamentary headquarters. The building is modeled after a 1563 painting of the unfinished tower of Babel. There are statues of Europa riding the beast throughout the parliamentary complex. All of this intertwined imagery supports the notion that the harlot, “Mystery Babylon” represents the West (the EU, US, etc.).

Revelation 17:16 says the beast will hate and eventually destroy the harlot

The information revealed recently from Osama Bin Laden’s personal files seem to lend credence to this understanding:

CNS News article

When all men speak well of you

While I have no axe to grind with the Pope, he does not represent me, nor do I acknowledge his authority within the universal church of Christ, of which I by God’s grace count myself a member. He represents a man-made hierarchy that has no basis in the Bible.

My interest in the Pope is purely eschatological. There’s an interesting character described in Revelation 13 (identified elsewhere as the “false prophet”) having “two horns like a lamb but who speaks like a dragon”. I marvel at how the Pope “pontificates” on the religion of global warming. While the world’s most influential population center, the Northeastern US, shivers under a winter that won’t end, the “scientists” have punted the ball to the Pope, who is gleefully carrying their religious message to the masses.

This article from NBC news reports that a mere 6% of people polled by NBC news and the Wall Street Journal view the Pope negatively. Those are pretty good numbers for Francis. Until you read Luke 6:26 “Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.”

I’m not sure where we are on the eschatological time scale. But it is beginning to feel like we’re getting awfully close to the end. I can’t say that Francis is “the guy” from Revelation 13, but there are recurring prophetic themes that play throughout history, and this one is certainly humming a familiar tune.

O God, do not keep silence

Psalm 83 describes a prayer from Asaph to God, pleading that He tarry no longer. A prayer that He would speak up, defending Israel, since she was surrounded by her enemies, who were seeking her destruction.  The prayer remains applicable today, because Israel is still surrounded by her enemies, who breathe threats continually against the nation, and therefore against the Lord Almighty.  But this needs to be our prayer as well, as we followers of Christ are grafted into the tree of God, and therefore are part of His family, and represent His name in the present world.  From the mild opposition in the USA where the government is branding as haters those who support God’s law, to the Islamic world, where people are beheaded for claiming the name of Jesus, we are surrounded by those in power who seek to destroy the kingdom of God!  It is in this context that I repeat aloud the words of Asaph:

Fill their faces with shame,
    that they may seek your name, O Lord.
Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;
    let them perish in disgrace,
that they may know that you alone,
    whose name is the Lord,
    are the Most High over all the earth.

We who have read to the end of the book know that this His ultimate plan.  We pray that the Lord may speak sooner, and may stay His final wrath, so that many more may turn to Him in the time between, in this time of the gentiles.  Oh Lord, may you grant us more time to be your instruments, by staving off the growing army against your children.  Push back the armies of the evil one today!


One of the reasons I avoid tap water

For many years I have avoided drinking tap water. One of the many reasons for this is the fact that they add Flouride to the water.

Here’s a study from England that suggests ill-effects from fluoride. Study from England about Flouride in drinking water

It is my personal, “unscientific” opinion that many of the health and wellness issues faced within our society today are the result of tampering by “scientists” who puff themselves up, thinking that they understand something, when in fact they are clueless.

The Bible says that if anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know (1Corinthians 8:2). We should diligently search for knowledge, not only about our world, but about God’s Word. But we need to have a healthy respect for what we do not fully understand. Nothing that we ever discover or learn will ever contradict God’s Word. We need to put our trust first in His Word and act in accordance with its principles. Jeremiah 17:5 makes it quite plain that anyone who puts his trust in the wisdom of men rather than in the word of the Lord is under a curse.

This is why I distrust even those who are highly esteemed within our society such as scientists and Doctors. Especially those who don’t themselves bow the knee to the Creator.

Another one bites the dust

I noticed this article today about Scott Walker

Here’s a textbook case, in my opinion, of the media trying to trip Mr. Walker up by giving him a question he cannot answer without creating a firestorm of controversy, which they will then fuel in whatever direction he responds.

When asked “Do you think Obama is a Christian?”, Mr. Walker said “I don’t know”. He then said that “Americans don’t care about that.”

His publicist afterward said (in so many words) “he didn’t really mean that he didn’t know if Obama was a Christian, he just didn’t want to answer your question because it was stupid”, then echoed Mr. Walkers sentiments that “Americans don’t care about that”.

Mr. Walker and his campaign team just lost my support for being wimps and totally misrepresenting my views as an American. Guess what, Mr. Walker, I’m an American, and I DO care if the president walks around claiming to be a Christian and then ridicules people who “cling to their religion”. I DO care if the president claims to be a Christian and then supports more abortions and gay marriage. I DO care if the president claims to be a Christian and then does everything he can to protect and defend Muslim terrorists while virtually ignoring the plight of persecuted Christians.

How will anyone that is duplicitous and cowardly ever win the hearts and minds of the American electorate?

Christians to blame for slavery and Jim Crow?

Obama’s comments at a prayer breakfast

So President Obama is blaming slavery and Jim Crow laws on Christians? Horse hockey! The people behind BOTH slavery and Jim Crow laws were DEMOCRAT VOTERS!!! The KKK consisted of DEMOCRATS! Look it up! The REAL Christians were the abolitionists!!!

This is not mere ignorance. This is presidential prevarication of the lowest order. Yet the bots will carry these falsehoods near and far like good little soldiers of the prince of the power of the air.

Who sets your limits?

One fact that I sometimes forget is this: Jesus was a man.

Yes He was the Son of God. Yes all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell in Him. Yes He and the Father were one. But at the same time, he was a flesh and blood human being.

So what was different about Him? For one thing, he did not have the sin nature that the rest of us inherited from Adam. For Jesus, fulfilling the Law came naturally. It was effortless. So what about us? Has not our sinful nature been crucified with Him (Galatians 5:24)? Are we not by walking in the Spirit capable also of mastery over the works and desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:16, Romans 8:4, Romans 6:6)? To which Christian does this promise not apply?

Peter, Steven, Paul, Philip, etc. (only some of whom were classified as “apostles”) all did mighty works that were on par with, and even GREATER, than the works done by the earthly Jesus Himself. For example, in the case of Paul, it is recorded that handkerchiefs that touched his skin were taken to the sick and demon possessed as vehicles of healing power. People brought out the sick so that even Peter’s SHADOW would touch them! In John 14:12, Jesus said that whoever believes in Him would do the works that He was doing and greater works than these would he do. He began this statement with an oath of certainty “Truly, truly I say to you”. This was the same expression Jesus used when declaring the necessity of the new birth for our salvation. There is no limitation, expressed or implied, regarding the one to whom this promise applies, except the qualification that he believes in Jesus. This promise was not limited to just the apostles and/or first generation Christians. It really means “whoever”. If you believe in Jesus, it means YOU!

Paul in 1Corinthians 12:31 instructs us to “earnestly desire” (i.e. COVET) higher spiritual gifts. Jesus likewise in Luke 11:5-13 encourages us, in so many words, to “pester” God for spiritual gifts.

So who sets the limits upon the extent of our individual spirituality? Who is the arbiter of what God CANNOT do through us? Are such limits imposed by God? If so, where do we find these limits defined within scripture? Or are they imposed by others? By ourselves? By the enemy of our souls? What stops us from pursuing a deeper and closer walk with God and a greater manifestation of His power in our lives?

I have come to believe that there is absolutely nothing that God cannot accomplish in us and through us. And just as prayer and obedience were the cornerstones of Jesus’ earthly walk, likewise we too can lay hold of EVERY spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3) through effectual, fervent prayer and determined obedience.


Truth is stranger than fiction.  This is what happens when people abandon the Word and just make stuff up as they go along.  There is little chance this guy, an officer in the UMC, can possibly be a believer.  It is bad enough that he has sold his soul for abortion, but then despite his official role in a CHURCH to mock those who are defending the unborn is just purely hateful.  Let us all pray for Mr. Mefford, that he opens his Bible, and sees the light.