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What does the Bible say about the end times and the return of Christ?

Interesting coincidences

Today marks the 14th anniversary of 9/11/01 and the attack on the twin towers in NYC.

Yesterday there was a rainbow over the site of the twin towers.


Last night the U.S. Senate cleared an important hurdle which stood in the way of finalizing a sketchy nuclear treaty with Iran.

Today lightning hit the grand mosque of Mecca triggering a crane to collapse and kill nearly a hundred people.


Outlaw Government

Article about fraudulent federal debt tracking as an answer to the debt limit

Every day the outrages come, and every day they are more incredible. In order to avoid transgressing the U.S. debt limit which was reached back in March, the federal government has simply ceased to update the numbers. The silence from the so-called Republican congressional majority opposition is deafening.

Isaiah 10:14 describes to a T what our President has done and how the so-called opposition in Congress has responded: “My hand has found like a nest the wealth of the peoples; and as one gathers eggs that have been forsaken, so I have gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved a wing or opened the mouth or chirped.”

The nation has been utterly plundered, and no one has lifted a wing or even chirped.

What is happening this very day was prophesied by Isaiah. Don’t think for a moment that the U.S. is not in Bible prophecy. I think it features robustly, though not by name. Revelation 17:11 is intriguing.

Baby steps

Pope Francis is uniting the religious hierarchies

In much the same way that President Obama has proceeded with his fundamental transformation of America and, as Isaiah 10:14 says, “there was none that moved a wing, or opened the mouth, or chirped”, likewise Pope Francis has swept the world, uniting the vestiges of apostate, hierarchical Christianity, and seemingly overnight, overturning long held church positions on abortion, homosexuality, socialism and evolution. In effect, Pope Francis seems to be fundamentally transforming the Catholic Church. Mr. Obama and Pope Francis seem to be two peas in a pod doctrinally. Will there be a union of the Roman hierarchy with Islam in the near future as well? It will be interesting to see what results when these two prominent figures on the world stage meet together in September.

Our increasingly enlightened society

I was certainly not surprised by the results of this Gallup poll, but it was intriguing and compelling because there is comparative data for the exact same question going back all the way to 1937.

In 1937, 18% of Americans said they would vote for an otherwise well qualified candidate for president who happened to be an atheist (i.e. denies the existence of God). In 2015, 58% of Americans said they would do the same. Here is a pdf of the study.

How enlightened we’ve become! Psalm 14:1 says unequivocally that atheists are fools. This is representative of how fast a society can plummet spiritually. This study demonstrates that substantial majority of Americans are either completely ignorant of what the Bible says about atheists or they disagree with it. In the space of one lifetime this change has occurred.

Perhaps Satan is winning the long war, or perhaps the 40% (58% – 18%) of people who changed their tune regarding the suitability of an atheist president derive their opinions on such matters based upon the herd rather than as a result of independent thought. Maybe back in 1937 there was a higher percentage of followers of Christ in America, or maybe there was a similar percentage, and the fact that Biblical understanding was greater at that time among all Americans moderated public opinion against atheism.

Which brings up an interesting question: can someone who follows the herd be a follower of Christ? Matthew 7:13-14 indicates otherwise…

It is also interesting that the same Gallup polling organization in December, 2014 found that 77% of Americans identified themselves as Christians and 76% believed that the Bible was the Word of God. So there is a maximum of 24% (100% – 76%) out of the 58% of people who would vote for an atheist that might do so because they themselves don’t subscribe to the divine authority of the scriptures. That means that AT LEAST 34% of Americans believe the Bible is God’s word but either haven’t bothered to read it or don’t allow it to inform their decisions/opinions!

The fool has said in his heart “There is no God”. How much bigger a fool is the one who acknowledges the divine authorship of the scriptures but doesn’t bother to see what they say or allow them to guide his opinions?

Obama and the Pope

I was struck the other day by a photo on the cover of the Wall Street Journal where an imposing looking Pope Francis shakes hands and gives a very Obamaesque “you better do what I say or else” death glare to an intimidated-looking Vladimir Putin.

The Pope & Putin

Compare with…

Obama glares at Netanyahu

The pope has been a walking billboard for the Democrat party platform since he took office, and last week he took another page out of their playbook and leaked an advance copy of his climate change encyclical, all the while feigning outrage at such a “heinous act” as the leak. If you believe that, I’ve got some land in the everglades to sell you.

Global warming is a religion, so it might as well have the Pope as its new spokesman. Al Gore definitely earned his GW sainthood, and the baton has been passed to Francis. This pope is very popular (94% favorability in the U.S.). He will undoubtedly lose a little ground with this, but he’s got juice to spare. This Pope has made important step toward creating a fusion of progressive ideology and religion. He is also promoting a one-world state. The next step is a furtherance of his overtures toward Islam. Whether and how fast this happens will be an indicator of how close we are to the predictions of Revelation 13. Stay tuned!

Article about “leaked” encyclical

Lining up Revelation with Reality

Revelation speaks of two mystery contingents that are subject to God’s final judgment of the earth: the scarlet Beast and the Harlot. One of the possibilities for understanding these mysteries is to associate the “harlot” with the immoral, materialistic cultures of the west and to associate the “scarlet beast” with the worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Revelation 17:3 speaks of the harlot sitting on a scarlet beast.

Here are some related observations:

If you look at a map, Europe (named from Europa of Greek mythology) sits atop and “rides” the Muslim world, geographically speaking. In Greek mythology, Europa is represented as a woman sitting atop a beast, just like in Revelation 17:3. The woman in Revelation is called “Mystery Babylon”. The imagery describing her destruction in Revelation 18 comes in part from Ezekiel 27, which describes the ancient city of Tyre. In Greek mythology, the woman Europa came from the city of Tyre. The EU has an interesting building that it uses for its parliamentary headquarters. The building is modeled after a 1563 painting of the unfinished tower of Babel. There are statues of Europa riding the beast throughout the parliamentary complex. All of this intertwined imagery supports the notion that the harlot, “Mystery Babylon” represents the West (the EU, US, etc.).

Revelation 17:16 says the beast will hate and eventually destroy the harlot

The information revealed recently from Osama Bin Laden’s personal files seem to lend credence to this understanding:

CNS News article

When all men speak well of you

While I have no axe to grind with the Pope, he does not represent me, nor do I acknowledge his authority within the universal church of Christ, of which I by God’s grace count myself a member. He represents a man-made hierarchy that has no basis in the Bible.

My interest in the Pope is purely eschatological. There’s an interesting character described in Revelation 13 (identified elsewhere as the “false prophet”) having “two horns like a lamb but who speaks like a dragon”. I marvel at how the Pope “pontificates” on the religion of global warming. While the world’s most influential population center, the Northeastern US, shivers under a winter that won’t end, the “scientists” have punted the ball to the Pope, who is gleefully carrying their religious message to the masses.

This article from NBC news reports that a mere 6% of people polled by NBC news and the Wall Street Journal view the Pope negatively. Those are pretty good numbers for Francis. Until you read Luke 6:26 “Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.”

I’m not sure where we are on the eschatological time scale. But it is beginning to feel like we’re getting awfully close to the end. I can’t say that Francis is “the guy” from Revelation 13, but there are recurring prophetic themes that play throughout history, and this one is certainly humming a familiar tune.

What’s in a name?

Book about boy in heaven discredited by its own supposed author

I hate to draw attention to this very sad story, but seriously, how could anyone buy a book like this by an author named “Malarkey”? No really, think about it. God knew that this was all going to happen, and saw to it that the family name was “Malarkey”. Yes it is sad, yes it is tragic, yes it brings discredit to our confession, but it wasn’t like we didn’t have any clues or tipoffs right?

Seems to me that the publishers were seeing dollar signs and didn’t do their homework. Let that be a lesson to all of us.