The spirit of Haman (antichrist) is alive and well

Abbas is calling for a Day of Rage in Jerusalem in response to Israel opening the site of the temple mount up for Friday prayers. Currently there is an Islamic mosque erected on the site. This to me is reminiscent of Esther 3:13.

Perhaps another indicator that the antichrist (Revelation 13:2) will hail from the ranks of Islam. Perhaps the false prophet, described interestingly as a “lamb” (Revelation 13:11), will hail from Rome and will unite the false church with Islam, creating a one-world religion and a one-world government.

Pride vs Humility

There are many sources of pride.  It is good to have some examples so that we can recognize it when it rears its ugly head.  This was very helpful for me.

“Listen, I’ve been studying the Bible ten years. I’ve been studying the Bible all week long as I’ve ministered here for ten years. And you know what I found? The more I know about the Bible the more I know less about what there is to know.

I’m like the little kid who went down to the ocean and scooped out one bucket full and said, “This is what I know, isn’t it amazing?” No. Not in comparison with the uncharted ocean that lies at my feet. I don’t know much. I know very little. And I’m still learning.

Listen, beloved, Satan is going to tempt you to be proud in your abilities, your economics, your words that you say, your class, your strata of society, your appearance, the position you hold, your social desires, your spiritual life, your intellectual knowledge and all of these things are going to tear right out of your hands humility.

Your best life is coming.

Jer 29:11‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.12‘Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.13‘You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.14‘I will be found by you,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will bring you back to the place from where I sent you into exile.’

How often have we heard this verse, and thought “it will soon be over,” or “all I have to do is seek the LORD, and He will restore me now?”  Let us not forget the lead in to this section: “When the seventy years have been completed…”  SEVENTY YEARS??  Most of the Israelites that were sent into captivity knew that they would never see the restoration of Israel.  However, they were to be content knowing that their God would restore the nation for their children and grandchildren.  They were to seek and pray for the welfare of the city of their captors, the brutal Babylonians, since that was where they were to live during their exile.  The primary reason that God’s prophets said the Israelites were sent to Babylon was because of their idolatry.  History tells us that Israel never had this problem again after their captivity.  The correction of the LORD is far beyond our understanding, and 70 years is but a moment in the span of history, but look what God used it to accomplish!  Are you going through a rough time?  Pray to the LORD that He would help you endure and even embrace the trials you face.  Do not accept false prophesies that may say your trials should have ended already.  He has  a blessed future for you! Continue to seek Him with all your heart, and you will find him.  In the meantime, He will use it to teach you, and in His time you will be restored.  “…In the latter days you will understand this.”  Praise be to the God of Restoration.

Implantable technology — the antichrist will love it

Here’s an article highlighting some “implantable technology” that is coming down the pike really soon. Check out #9! That little bad boy goes either in the hand between the thumb and forefinger, or in the forehead right above the hairline, just like the Bible describes!

As for me an my house, we will serve the Lord. Don’t plan on sticking any of that stuff in this old bird.

Revelation 13:16-7 “And he (the antichrist) causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Don’t be deceived. The antichrist will come with a powerful deception which will be very effective on people who don’t love the truth. How many of Satan’s lies have we bought into already? If we fell for communism and evolution, we’ll be ALL IN when he comes around with the mark of the beast. Christian if you accept the mark, it is GAME OVER! (see Revelation 14:9-10).


Jeremiah 22:16
“He pled the cause of the afflicted and needy; Then it was well.  Is that not what it means to know Me?”  Declares YHWH.

What does it mean to KNOW?  The Bible has a far different perspective on this word than we have in our culture.  We often think of this word to simply be an explanation of intellectual understanding or appreciation.  But let us consider some other instances where this word is used.   It is said that Adam KNEW his wife, and she bore children.  It is also said that the tree that brought death was the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, and God acknowledged afterward that they KNEW good and evil.  In this instance, we are learning that obedience to the Most High is what it means to KNOW Him.  There is a connection between our actions and true knowledge.  I think this connection begins with experience.  We need to experience things in order to really know them.  There is also an element of faith involved here: conviction and assurance.  In our study this week, we were in Ephesians 3, and this concept came up multiple times.  KNOW the mystery, KNOW the wisdom of God, KNOW the breadth and length and height and depth, KNOW the love of Christ that surpasses KNOWLEDGE.  God was not satisfied that the Jews acknowledged his existence, or even that they gave tacit assent by obeying the outward parts of the law.  He wants us to KNOW Him by experience, by seeking His face, by obeying and walking with him.  He has certainly poured out his mercy and grace to me by allowing me to taste of this knowledge.  I pray that you will KNOW Him also.


‘Nuff Said

I was just thinking about Billy Graham this week, wondering how he was doing.

Then out pops this article. Glad to hear he is still going strong at age 95.

By the way, we’re having a prayer meeting at Temple on Saturday night, October 25th from 7:30 – 9:00pm. Just tell ’em Billy Graham sent you.

The Pope’s Big Tent

Here’s an article describing an attempt by members of the Catholic hierarchy to soften the Roman church’s stance on homosexual unions

I understand and respect their desire to acknowledge the underlying humanity of people who practice homosexuality (after all, gay people are no worse sinners than the rest of us).

The fundamental problem here is that you can’t have it both ways. No matter how much you “soften your language”, you are either going to run afoul of the Scripture or you are going to run afoul of the homosexual community, which doesn’t like to hear that their chosen lifestyle is condemned by it. There is no middle ground here.

People who engage in homosexual behavior are, like other sinners, deeply loved by God their creator. And without prejudice, Jesus our savior welcomes them to repent (turn away from everything the Bible calls sin) and to believe the Gospel (that Jesus paid the penalty for our sin and rose from the dead to make an opening for us into God’s kingdom).

Instead of dancing around the truth, why don’t the Catholics tell it like it is? I think I know the answer. Just like the NFL, they don’t want to appear to be “out of step” with the tide of moral relativism that has consumed our culture. I think the Pope likes the adulation of the masses, and the masses seem to have been swayed toward the acceptance of homosexuality as normative instead of perverse.

All other things being equal, I prefer never to offend anyone (including homosexuals), and I prefer not to be ostracized by anyone. But I must be first and foremost acceptable to God. And Jesus promised that in our quest to please God we would certainly, at times, offend people and be persecuted/ridiculed/ostracized by them. Just like there was no way of Jesus avoiding His cup of suffering, there is no way for us to avoid sharing in His sufferings if we want to share His glory.

Ever wonder why the 7 year tribulation will be so severe?

I used to wonder why God’s judgments during the seven year tribulation as predicted in the book of Revelation were so severe.

Not anymore. This is a perfect example of why the full force of heaven’s wrath is coming very soon.

Article about new college-level online course for abortion training

Try this exercise: while reading the article, replace all occurrences of the word “abortion” with “murder”.

The Pope and Me

Well I must admit I found myself agreeing (mostly) with the Pope. There’s a first time for everything I suppose…

Pope’s message about Christian division.

The problem I have is that I presume the Pope, like all his predecessors, is looking to reunite the church under himself and the Catholic hierarchical pyramid. God builds with pillars, not pyramids.

But who knows, perhaps a prominent and humble Bible-believing Christian leader will take the Pope up on his offer to hash out some of the doctrinal stuff — let’s call his bluff. There is MUCH of it (and I mean “stuff” in the worst sense of the word) that has piled up in the Catholic church. In my view, the Catholic church and its near cousins the Eastern Orthodox and Anglican traditions, have followed the “sins of Jeroboam” that we read about in 1Kings, and that eventually got the ten tribes of Israel expelled. Just like Jeroboam, they have built their own man-made religion, man-made priesthood, and man-made doctrines that have no divine origin whatsoever. Like the Pharisees, they have shut the kingdom of heaven against men. They neither enter themselves, nor allow those who would enter to do so.

Sorry for being so critical, but God’s got a book called the Bible. We need to follow it. So Mr. Pope, sir, take your vestments and your rosary beads and your vain repetitions and your censers and your “holy water” and your celibate so-called priests and your prayers to saints and your deification of Mary and the rest of the unbiblical abominations and flush them right down the toilet where they belong. Pick up your Bible and start from scratch. Then maybe we’ll be able to enjoy the unity that Jesus intended for the church.

Dems show true colors calling for funding for Hamas

It may seem strange that Democrats love Islamists, since they also love things that Islamists hate, such as gay marriage, etc. But Democrats crave power above all else. Islam is all about submission, in fact the word itself means “submission”. Therefore, Islamists and Democrats share a common objective: the subjugation and subjection of people that God desires to be free.

There’s another thing that Democrats and Islamists have in common. They share the same master, specifically, the deceiver of nations himself, who is Satan.

Here’s an article about a US Congressman who supports funding for the terrorist organization Hamas and its puppet organization, the so-called “Palestinian Authority”.

The lines are becoming clearer. Ultimately, everyone is either a servant of God or a servant of Satan. It seems to me that as time goes on, it is becoming easier and easier to distinguish between the two.