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Forced chemo treatment

So the state of Connecticut forced this 17 year old girl to undergo chemotherapy against her and her mother’s wishes. She and her mother wanted to seek alternative treatments but the state threatened to take away custody. Upon appeal the state supremes sold out the girl and her mother.

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This is pure evil. Nobody ever gave the state the final say over anyone’s medical treatment. America no longer exists. Welcome to the totalitarian phase. The woman and her daughter should have fled the state. Pretty soon we’ll need an underground railroad to protect people from the medical establishment.

One of the reasons I avoid tap water

For many years I have avoided drinking tap water. One of the many reasons for this is the fact that they add Flouride to the water.

Here’s a study from England that suggests ill-effects from fluoride. Study from England about Flouride in drinking water

It is my personal, “unscientific” opinion that many of the health and wellness issues faced within our society today are the result of tampering by “scientists” who puff themselves up, thinking that they understand something, when in fact they are clueless.

The Bible says that if anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know (1Corinthians 8:2). We should diligently search for knowledge, not only about our world, but about God’s Word. But we need to have a healthy respect for what we do not fully understand. Nothing that we ever discover or learn will ever contradict God’s Word. We need to put our trust first in His Word and act in accordance with its principles. Jeremiah 17:5 makes it quite plain that anyone who puts his trust in the wisdom of men rather than in the word of the Lord is under a curse.

This is why I distrust even those who are highly esteemed within our society such as scientists and Doctors. Especially those who don’t themselves bow the knee to the Creator.

Physician-assisted suicide coming soon to NY?

Death with dignity?

The medical establishment has pretty much destroyed every aspect of the Hippocratic oath. Here are a few excerpts from the original Hippocratic oath that have been completely reversed during our lifetime.

“With regard to healing the sick, I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means; and I will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.”

Today’s physicians have become pill pushers, prescribing medication to everything that moves, and being richly compensated by the Pharmaceutical companies accordingly, not considering the long-term effects on the patient.

“Nor shall any man’s entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so. Moreover, I will get no sort of medicine to any pregnant woman, with a view to destroy the child.”

This clause of the oath completely forbids any manner of abortion or physician-assisted suicide. Yet so-called “physicians” are called upon to perform these heinous acts in our society today.

“Whatever, in the course of my practice, I may see or hear (even when not invited), whatever I may happen to obtain knowledge of, if it be not proper to repeat it, I will keep sacred and secret within my own breast.”

You cannot walk into a Doctor’s office today without first signing over your right of privacy. Today’s corrupt laws force Physicians to violate the Hippocratic oath by sharing private information with the state.

These are just a few reasons why I personally have zero faith in the medical establishment. I know there are many brilliant, compassionate and honorable people that are physicians. But the system to which they have all subjugated themselves is quite corrupt.

We may have given up the fight, but they haven’t

Christians long ago gave up the fight against abortion. But Planned Parenthood hasn’t given up their encouragement and sponsorship of the murder of babies in the womb and the destruction of Biblical values regarding human sexuality. Here’s Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Annual Report recording that they killed another 330,000 babies last year. Just as a reference point, only an average of 110,000 soldiers were killed each year during our own bloody Civil War. Planned Parenthood does triple that number EVERY YEAR. And keep in mind that Planned Parenthood is responsible only for about a third or less of all the abortions that take place every year.

Just in case we, like Pontius Pilate before us, seek to wash our hands of this and blame the Democrats (whom some of our own number, I’m ashamed to say, even vote for), it is OUR TAXES that provide 41% of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue. So way to go, team! Keep paying those taxes and keep voting for Democrats and spineless fake Republicans. In case you’re wondering where the rest of Planned Parenthood’s baby-killing money comes from, here’s an article showing that the New York State Teacher’s union (which takes its money off the top from the salaries of public school educators which we also pay for) likes to write big checks to them.

I wonder when America’s cup of iniquity will be full and we will be made to drink the cup of God’s divine wrath — and it will affect ALL of us. With 56,400,000 abortions since Roe v. Wade to our credit, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The sad thing is that the significant majority of Americans now OPPOSE abortion. Yet we still stopped fighting. What a bunch of cowardly sissies we are — just sayin’.

Revelation 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues”

They told me I was gullible, and I believed them

For years I’ve questioned the following notion, which seems to be taken as gospel by nearly everyone. It goes something like this: 1) Plaque, which is made out of cholesterol, clogs arteries. 2) If you have an elevated level of cholesterol in your bloodstream, your arteries will become clogged. 3) If you eat foods that are high in cholesterol, you will have an elevated level of cholesterol in your bloodstream and you are more likely to have your arteries clogged. 4) You should avoid eating egg yolks and cheese, and stay away from red meat and whole milk. 5) You should have your cholesterol checked regularly and should take statins to reduce your cholesterol levels.

I’ve always wondered — where’s the proof of this? Is it just one of those things that sounds reasonable so people just accept it without any hard evidence?

I was thrilled today to see this book review in the Wall Street Journal that demonstrates that I am not the only one who questions these things. I haven’t read the book so I cannot vouch for anything it says. But it is refreshing to see anyone who thinks critically and independently and doesn’t just blindly accept the party line. It really bothers me when people just bend over and accept hook, line and sinker whatever the medical/pharmaceutical cabal and its army of vested devotees say.