Another one bites the dust

I noticed this article today about Scott Walker

Here’s a textbook case, in my opinion, of the media trying to trip Mr. Walker up by giving him a question he cannot answer without creating a firestorm of controversy, which they will then fuel in whatever direction he responds.

When asked “Do you think Obama is a Christian?”, Mr. Walker said “I don’t know”. He then said that “Americans don’t care about that.”

His publicist afterward said (in so many words) “he didn’t really mean that he didn’t know if Obama was a Christian, he just didn’t want to answer your question because it was stupid”, then echoed Mr. Walkers sentiments that “Americans don’t care about that”.

Mr. Walker and his campaign team just lost my support for being wimps and totally misrepresenting my views as an American. Guess what, Mr. Walker, I’m an American, and I DO care if the president walks around claiming to be a Christian and then ridicules people who “cling to their religion”. I DO care if the president claims to be a Christian and then supports more abortions and gay marriage. I DO care if the president claims to be a Christian and then does everything he can to protect and defend Muslim terrorists while virtually ignoring the plight of persecuted Christians.

How will anyone that is duplicitous and cowardly ever win the hearts and minds of the American electorate?