Lining up Revelation with Reality

Revelation speaks of two mystery contingents that are subject to God’s final judgment of the earth: the scarlet Beast and the Harlot. One of the possibilities for understanding these mysteries is to associate the “harlot” with the immoral, materialistic cultures of the west and to associate the “scarlet beast” with the worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Revelation 17:3 speaks of the harlot sitting on a scarlet beast.

Here are some related observations:

If you look at a map, Europe (named from Europa of Greek mythology) sits atop and “rides” the Muslim world, geographically speaking. In Greek mythology, Europa is represented as a woman sitting atop a beast, just like in Revelation 17:3. The woman in Revelation is called “Mystery Babylon”. The imagery describing her destruction in Revelation 18 comes in part from Ezekiel 27, which describes the ancient city of Tyre. In Greek mythology, the woman Europa came from the city of Tyre. The EU has an interesting building that it uses for its parliamentary headquarters. The building is modeled after a 1563 painting of the unfinished tower of Babel. There are statues of Europa riding the beast throughout the parliamentary complex. All of this intertwined imagery supports the notion that the harlot, “Mystery Babylon” represents the West (the EU, US, etc.).

Revelation 17:16 says the beast will hate and eventually destroy the harlot

The information revealed recently from Osama Bin Laden’s personal files seem to lend credence to this understanding:

CNS News article

Connecting the dots

OK so this week we’ve got a mesmerized Raul Castro wanting to rejoin Catholicism thanks to Pope Francis. I’m not sure how he reconciles that with his atheistic-by-definition communist ideology, but hey, what do I know. Now you’ve got the Vatican embracing liberation theology, a witches brew of Communist ideology and Catholicism.

Gutierrez to speak at Vatican

These are some important dots being connected. All we need now is for Francis to cozy up a little more with the Muslims and you’ve got the basis for your one-world religion and your one-world government pretty much in place. All the countries of the world have already embraced some form of socialism. All we need now is a hybrid of Islam and false Christianity, Chrislam, to secure worldwide unity and peace, right?