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The Pope, the President and a Gay Blogger walk into a bar…

Remember the “beer summit” at the White House? You know, that staged photo-op sham in which President Obama was going to singlehandedly resolve all racial tensions — I guess things only went downhill from there as he and his wife have continued to constantly pour kerosene on the flames of racial division while Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ran around with torches.

Well don’t look now, but we’ve got a new summit coming:

Upcoming White House summit

The cast of characters here sounds a lot like the opening to a bad joke. Will the Pope plead with the young man to repent? Or will the three men hug it out and usher in a new era of understanding and acceptance, while decrying the evil of “intolerance” and “bigotry” perpetrated by Bible-believing Christians who “cling to their guns and their religion”? Stay tuned for the punch line!

Outlaw Government

Article about fraudulent federal debt tracking as an answer to the debt limit

Every day the outrages come, and every day they are more incredible. In order to avoid transgressing the U.S. debt limit which was reached back in March, the federal government has simply ceased to update the numbers. The silence from the so-called Republican congressional majority opposition is deafening.

Isaiah 10:14 describes to a T what our President has done and how the so-called opposition in Congress has responded: “My hand has found like a nest the wealth of the peoples; and as one gathers eggs that have been forsaken, so I have gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved a wing or opened the mouth or chirped.”

The nation has been utterly plundered, and no one has lifted a wing or even chirped.

What is happening this very day was prophesied by Isaiah. Don’t think for a moment that the U.S. is not in Bible prophecy. I think it features robustly, though not by name. Revelation 17:11 is intriguing.

Our increasingly enlightened society

I was certainly not surprised by the results of this Gallup poll, but it was intriguing and compelling because there is comparative data for the exact same question going back all the way to 1937.

In 1937, 18% of Americans said they would vote for an otherwise well qualified candidate for president who happened to be an atheist (i.e. denies the existence of God). In 2015, 58% of Americans said they would do the same. Here is a pdf of the study.

How enlightened we’ve become! Psalm 14:1 says unequivocally that atheists are fools. This is representative of how fast a society can plummet spiritually. This study demonstrates that substantial majority of Americans are either completely ignorant of what the Bible says about atheists or they disagree with it. In the space of one lifetime this change has occurred.

Perhaps Satan is winning the long war, or perhaps the 40% (58% – 18%) of people who changed their tune regarding the suitability of an atheist president derive their opinions on such matters based upon the herd rather than as a result of independent thought. Maybe back in 1937 there was a higher percentage of followers of Christ in America, or maybe there was a similar percentage, and the fact that Biblical understanding was greater at that time among all Americans moderated public opinion against atheism.

Which brings up an interesting question: can someone who follows the herd be a follower of Christ? Matthew 7:13-14 indicates otherwise…

It is also interesting that the same Gallup polling organization in December, 2014 found that 77% of Americans identified themselves as Christians and 76% believed that the Bible was the Word of God. So there is a maximum of 24% (100% – 76%) out of the 58% of people who would vote for an atheist that might do so because they themselves don’t subscribe to the divine authority of the scriptures. That means that AT LEAST 34% of Americans believe the Bible is God’s word but either haven’t bothered to read it or don’t allow it to inform their decisions/opinions!

The fool has said in his heart “There is no God”. How much bigger a fool is the one who acknowledges the divine authorship of the scriptures but doesn’t bother to see what they say or allow them to guide his opinions?

Do we need to reevaluate our patriotism?

Here’s a story about a young lady in the Marine Corps: Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling court-martialed for displaying a Bible verse

Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling

Christians have long been among the most staunch of American patriots, supporting and populating the ranks of our courageous military.

But there’s a new commander in chief. And under his leadership, the U.S. military appears to be being systematically and vigorously purged of Christian influence.

I would not willingly send a son or daughter of mine into today’s U.S. military. Our military exists to defend our borders and the constitutional freedoms that we hold dear.

The marine was court-martialed for refusing to obey a direct order from a superior officer (who demanded that she take down the Bible verse). Our service men and women are only duty-bound to obey LAWFUL direct orders. This was an unlawful order, as it violates the supreme law of the land, the constitution, which the marine was sworn to defend.

Forced chemo treatment

So the state of Connecticut forced this 17 year old girl to undergo chemotherapy against her and her mother’s wishes. She and her mother wanted to seek alternative treatments but the state threatened to take away custody. Upon appeal the state supremes sold out the girl and her mother.

see article here

This is pure evil. Nobody ever gave the state the final say over anyone’s medical treatment. America no longer exists. Welcome to the totalitarian phase. The woman and her daughter should have fled the state. Pretty soon we’ll need an underground railroad to protect people from the medical establishment.