Obama and the Pope

I was struck the other day by a photo on the cover of the Wall Street Journal where an imposing looking Pope Francis shakes hands and gives a very Obamaesque “you better do what I say or else” death glare to an intimidated-looking Vladimir Putin.

The Pope & Putin

Compare with…

Obama glares at Netanyahu

The pope has been a walking billboard for the Democrat party platform since he took office, and last week he took another page out of their playbook and leaked an advance copy of his climate change encyclical, all the while feigning outrage at such a “heinous act” as the leak. If you believe that, I’ve got some land in the everglades to sell you.

Global warming is a religion, so it might as well have the Pope as its new spokesman. Al Gore definitely earned his GW sainthood, and the baton has been passed to Francis. This pope is very popular (94% favorability in the U.S.). He will undoubtedly lose a little ground with this, but he’s got juice to spare. This Pope has made important step toward creating a fusion of progressive ideology and religion. He is also promoting a one-world state. The next step is a furtherance of his overtures toward Islam. Whether and how fast this happens will be an indicator of how close we are to the predictions of Revelation 13. Stay tuned!

Article about “leaked” encyclical