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O God, do not keep silence

Psalm 83 describes a prayer from Asaph to God, pleading that He tarry no longer. A prayer that He would speak up, defending Israel, since she was surrounded by her enemies, who were seeking her destruction.  The prayer remains applicable today, because Israel is still surrounded by her enemies, who breathe threats continually against the nation, and therefore against the Lord Almighty.  But this needs to be our prayer as well, as we followers of Christ are grafted into the tree of God, and therefore are part of His family, and represent His name in the present world.  From the mild opposition in the USA where the government is branding as haters those who support God’s law, to the Islamic world, where people are beheaded for claiming the name of Jesus, we are surrounded by those in power who seek to destroy the kingdom of God!  It is in this context that I repeat aloud the words of Asaph:

Fill their faces with shame,
    that they may seek your name, O Lord.
Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;
    let them perish in disgrace,
that they may know that you alone,
    whose name is the Lord,
    are the Most High over all the earth.

We who have read to the end of the book know that this His ultimate plan.  We pray that the Lord may speak sooner, and may stay His final wrath, so that many more may turn to Him in the time between, in this time of the gentiles.  Oh Lord, may you grant us more time to be your instruments, by staving off the growing army against your children.  Push back the armies of the evil one today!


Inerrancy Summit

This is good stuff, and I am so glad GTY is taking this on.  It reminds me of the biography I read of Adrian Rogers.

‘In an ironic turn of events, John left those meetings—where the Word of God was faithfully exalted—only to fly back to California sitting next to Robert Schuller, a well-known televangelist and one of the fathers of the seeker-sensitive movement. During the flight, Schuller told him, “I can say I believe the Bible and make those words mean anything I want them to mean.” That attitude and approach to Scripture sums up the need for this event.’

Begg: “The real challenge is not that we stop believing the Bible, but that we stop using it. . . . Silly illustrations and superficial worship do not set the stage for the gospel”

Spurgeon (obviously he is not in attendance smile emoticon : “[the] best “apology” for the gospel is to let the gospel out. Never mind about defending Deuteronomy or the whole of the Pentateuch; preach Jesus Christ and him crucified. Let the Lion out, and see who will dare to approach him. The Lion of the tribe of Judah will soon drive away all his adversaries. ”

Graham family preachers divided

I saw these two articles today, and thought that they betrayed some disagreement between the Graham family.  One son and one grandson of Billy Graham, have two opposing views of the position the pulpit should have on political issues.  Who is right?

Neither of them appear wiling to be liberal in their interpretation of the scriptures, but I bet the family reunions can be tense given their totally opposing views of our proper role in politics!

Hypocrites of another type

In Luke 12, Jesus defines a hypocrite not because they do one thing and say another, but because they apply skill to earthly things and neglect a similar spiritual truth.

54 He also said to the crowds: “When you see a cloud rising in the west, right away you say, ‘A storm is coming,’ and so it does. 55 And when the south wind is blowing, you say, ‘It’s going to be a scorcher!’ and it is. 56 Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky, but why don’t you know how to interpret this time?”

So how many people watched the weather channel this morning to prepare for the day, and neglected to read the Bible to prepare for eternity?



Truth is stranger than fiction.  This is what happens when people abandon the Word and just make stuff up as they go along.  There is little chance this guy, an officer in the UMC, can possibly be a believer.  It is bad enough that he has sold his soul for abortion, but then despite his official role in a CHURCH to mock those who are defending the unborn is just purely hateful.  Let us all pray for Mr. Mefford, that he opens his Bible, and sees the light.

Educators: Living Acts 4

A teacher gifts a Bible to a student, and legal action begins.  This reminds me of Peter and John being arrested and threatened in Acts 4.  No, he was not imprisoned like them, but that behavior is bound to happen in our the USA, and probably in the not-so-distant-future.  He is being persecuted for his faith, both in losing his job, and being threatened with legal action.

It is important to note how the disciples responded to this threat in Acts 4:

27 For truly in this city there were gathered together against Your holy [t]servant Jesus, whom You anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate, along with the[u]Gentiles and the peoples of Israel, 28 to do whatever Your hand and Your purpose predestined to occur. 29 And [v]now, Lord, take note of their threats, and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your word with all confidence,30 while You extend Your hand to heal, and [w]signs and wonders take place through the name of Your holy [x]servant Jesus.” 31 And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were allfilled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

We offer a similar prayer for all those who suffer today.

Lord, truly You are the one who made the heavens and the earth, and the government and the people are gathered against this and other educators, just like in the time of the apostles, and just as you have ordained to happen.  Please take note of their threats, and grant each and every believing teacher today, that they may speak Your word with all confidence, despite the threats against their jobs, their livelihood, and their position before the law.  We pray that just as you provided signs and wonders by the Apostles, that you would put words in their mouths, and use them mightily to heal the hurting children.  May we all, like them, follow the examples of Jesus, Peter and John, and speak the truth of the gospel with boldness, despite the opposition by the world.  Amen.

The Rest of Unbroken

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but was concerned over the reports I have seen of the seemingly intentional cuts.  I think Mr. Zamperini may have been correct, as many people will read his book after seeing the movie, or be curious enough to ask questions.  It is fantastic that Billy Graham is releasing additional video for those who are curious, but won’t read it. I will also say that many unbelieving people have already been exposed to the gospel through this book. While the author does not appear to be a believer, I think she did a fantastic job capturing what Jesus did in his life.  God continues to use Zamperini’s story in a mighty way.

Like People, Like Priest

This morning, I was reading the book of Hosea, and couldn’t help seeing the similarities between the condition in Israel then, and the condition in our country now.  In chapter 4, we read:

“LISTEN to the word of the LORD, O sons of Israel, For the LORD has a case against the inhabitants of the land, Because there is no faithfulness or kindness Or knowledge of God in the land.  There is swearing, deception, murder, stealing and adultery.  They employ violence, so that bloodshed follows bloodshed.  Therefore the land mourns, and everyone who lives in it languishes…Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being my priest… And it will be, like people, like priest; So I will punish them for their ways, and repay them for their deeds.  They will eat, but not have enough; they will play the harlot, but not increase, because they have stopped giving heed to the LORD.”

This week has seen great unrest across our community and in greater part our nation, and there is much speculation as to the actions to take in order to calm the unrest.  Unfortunately, the voices speaking the truth are often silenced, because of the unwillingness of the people to accept the knowledge of God.   We in the American church must ALL cling to the knowledge of God and speak the truth in love to people, for the gospel is the only solution to the unrest and dissatisfaction of the people.  The people of the country will never have enough of anything without Christ, without acknowledging the Almighty God, and the gift of His Son.  Churches across this nation are struggling to survive, not because they are too offensive to the community, but because they are offense to God by forsaking to preach the truth of sin and repentance.  We have stopped preaching the whole truth, and softened the message of Christ to the point where God is snuffing out our lampstands, and like the time of Hosea, rejecting us from being his priests!

Throughout the Bible, God teaches us that there is a purpose to his correction.  Hosea’s message is to “RETURN to the LORD,” so that He may turn his anger away from them.  The message to us is no different, that we must RETURN to Him.  As believers in Christ, we are priests who must pray for our communities and our nation, and speak the words of the Good News to them.   We must share the message especially during this Christmas season that Christ humbled Himself, while we were yet sinners, suffered and died for us, to take our place in death.  After he completed his work, then was He glorified.  His gift of forgiveness is freely given to all who accept it, but He calls us to repent of our sin, and live for Him.  Let us do that daily, so that we can continue to serve as his church.  The message of God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration must be in the forefront of our lives.  We must not allow it to be obscured by any other conversations or priorities, or we will fail in our obedience to His calling.  Let us all remember this every hour of every day, and may His light shine through us.