He did promise to “fundamentally transform” America, didn’t he?

Three cheers for the President.  He is showing this cattle rancher who’s boss.



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New Testament Manuscripts

While studying our “founding” verse — Luke 21:36 — I was intrigued to note that the KJV uses a different Greek word than most of the other more modern English translations such as the NASB.

Of course I can’t leave well enough alone so I had to get to the bottom of this.  In the process, I found this interesting article on the web.  I’m sure this is just one side of an intense scholarly debate, but it seemed to be reasonably well written and informative.


It definitely lends some credibility to the “King James Only” crowd.

Here’s another article that gives another side…


Any thoughts?

“Arab Spring” leads to unchecked persecution of Christians


See the above article.   Christians are being persecuted by Muslims at an unprecedented rate in the middle east.  Sounds like this “Arab Spring” that the media liars claimed was toppling dictators and bringing positive “democratic” change to the Muslim world is just an excuse to make war against Christianity.  The only “change” so far is that nations that were once friendly with Israel are no longer friendly and that nations that once protected their Christian minorities are now persecuting them like crazy.

Of course the current administration is still lavishing BILLIONS in “foreign aid” and tons and tons of free military equipment on these nations without interruption.

Here’s a question:  how can we as Christians be patriotic and send our children into the US military to follow the orders of this commander-in-chief who absolutely works against and opposes everything we believe and stand for?  How can we continue to root for the US on the world stage when the US has been hijacked from the inside by people committed to its destruction?  Am I wrong?  Some of my sons best friends are graduating from West Point this year.  I shudder at the thought that these wonderful young men are going to take their orders from this Administration.

Greece vs. Galloway — supreme court

The town of Greece, NY opens their town hall meetings with a prayer led by various citizens and religious leaders.   A citizen was somehow “offended” by this.  Although the supreme court ruled in favor of legislative prayer 1983, somehow today’s court is revisiting the question.   Last week a federal judge, inexplicably and in advance of this ruling, ordered a county supervisor in Maryland to cease and desist from similar activity.  The county supervisor told the federal judge she would not comply with his ruling.  The Greece v. Galloway case is slated to be decided in June, 2014.  What do you think?  Do you think the establishment clause within the first amendment of the Constitution is being violated when legislative sessions at any level allow prayer?  How should Christians react to efforts by the federal judiciary to silence public prayer?  Is there any place or situations where you feel public prayer should be disallowed?  Is there any place where you feel public prayer should be allowed?