Unemployment remains worse since 1940, and more lies.

I’m sick of everyone talking about the ‘recovery’ because it is still not happening.

Here are the REAL unemployment numbers that haven’t been tinkered by the current administration.

It is holding steady at 12%


For those paying attention, this is the worst since 1940.


In addition, personal income and wealth is still dropping for the vast majority of americans.


This is made even worse by the outright lies about inflation, which is currently stuck at 10%.


So of the people that ARE working, median income fell during the past 4 years by 5%, using fake inflation numbers.  Lets just say the adjustment was half, so the median income fell 2.5%, and over the same period, prices are up about 40%. Basically this means people are making TWO THIRDS of what they were 5 years ago!!! This is INSANE.  We must hold these people responsible for their lies.