Encouraging signs of alliance between Jews and Christians

I found This Wall Street Journal editorial in this morning’s paper to be very encouraging.  I think that increasingly, and especially under Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership, Israel is recognizing more and more that Bible-believing Christians worldwide are their most faithful ally.

They seem to recognize that although the U.S. on an official diplomatic level has all but thrown them to the wolves, the worldwide community of true Christian believers has nothing but respect and love for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

It would be understandable, to me, if Israel harbored suspicion and animosity toward all of Christendom, given many centuries of harsh treatment at the hands of the supposedly “Christian” establishment in Rome.  That persecution was inspired by Satan, perpetrated by evil men, and had no valid root in New Testament theology.  However it seems that today the message of support and honor from millions true Christian believers throughout the world toward Israel and the Jews is starting to resonate with Israel and the Jews.  In my view, just another sign that we are getting close to the time of the end.

Here’s the article written by Israel’s current ambassador to the UN in support of persecuted Christians throughout the Islamic middle east.